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Exciting Gravity Developments - June 12th, 2012

Last week at E3 was amazing. I got a chance to demo the game to a ton of people, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Like, overwhelming enough that I had to calm myself down with coffee. The whole thing was pure developer soul food (the positivity, not the coffee. Well, maybe the coffee too).

One of the people I talked to was Evan Narcisse of Kotaku, who was kind enough to feature the game on-camera. So head on over to Kotaku to see the first-ever video footage of Gravity Ghost to grace the internet:

Another exciting thing I forgot to post here is that I’m now updating the Gravity Ghost devlog pretty regularly. So hang out if you want to hear me wax poetic about things like animation, inspiration, and probably coffee again.

Game On! - August 9th, 2008

Hey dudes,

In another example of my secret life bleeding into my real life, I’ll be in Montreal next week at the GameOn Conference. The Notes on Game Dev blog was kind enough to acquire a press pass for me, so I’ll be compiling my experiences into a “guest blog” format.

If anyone reading this is planning on being there, feel free to say hi to me. I’ll be the one standing around looking lost while surreptitiously drinking my weight in free coffee.

Ten sprites 'till the break! - August 27th, 2007

I bought a pair of sunglasses this morning. They’ve got a brownish tint, which gives me the eerie feeling that I’m walking around in a flashback. It was kind of fun at first, but then I thought, isn’t every moment a flashback as soon as you stop living in it? And I realized my new glasses make me feel like I’m just watching my day on playback. Or, as my housemate puts it, “Like walking around in an acid trip.” Either way, it was an itty bitty mindfuck and I hadn’t even had breakfast yet.

Existential crises aside, I should be able to finish all the art for “Unbound” today. Time to crank up the MIKA and use this coffee buzz to the fullest.

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Paris (the good kind) - June 17th, 2007

Hey all,

So I’m in Paris. It’s just like Canada except everyone’s French, dressed to the nines, and used to coffee that actually gets more expensive as you drink it. Also, the architecture here makes me think I’ve wandered onto a 90 square kilometre movie set. Incidentally, look for me in the credits of L’Amour sur le Metro. I’m listed as “girl drinking expensive coffee.”

I’ve been taking it pretty easy, although I’ve done a few comics since hitting the road. Note how they have that loose “drawn-on-a-moving-bus” aesthetic.

The little boy is supposed to be my brother.

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And here he is looking at some gargoyles:

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Oh hey, remember when I said I was going to take up political cartooning? Well, I submitted a comic to my local independent newspaper, and they printed it in their June issue! I’m pretty happy with the situation; I have lot of respect for independent media, and I really want to get invited to their parties.

Here’s the comic:

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I’m inking another one tonight. I hope everyone likes easily-caricatured Canadian environmentalists!