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Robots! - April 23rd, 2009

Say hello to my little friends.

Internet, I’d like you to meet H.E.R.0, Kelvin, and Ultrabot. They are three of the six tiny robots appearing in my upcoming adventure game “Puzzle Bots.” The rest, I’ll save for a later teaser. :)


Like in Nanobots, you will be able to switch between the robots to make use of their special abilities.

Unlike in Nanobots, one of them has a flamethrower.

3 Responses to “Robots!”

  1. LindaS Says:

    Wow, so cool! Thanks for the preview. :) I’m looking very much forward to this one. :)

  2. Beorn Says:

    Flamethrower ? Let’s burrrrrrnnn !

  3. Ivy Says:

    Thanks Linda and Beorn!

    And don’t worry, the flamethrower is mostly used to do good. ;)