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Along Came Poly - May 28th, 2009

I’m learned-ing!

This is my first attempt at a humanoid form in 3D. My choice of subject matter eez, how you say, unsurprizink. The assignment was to create a character and a prop, and you can scroll down to see what my instructor had to say.


“Erin, Great job on this one. Looks like you have a girl model here at 1486 polys, nicely under the 1500 limit, and a prop gun that is 208 Polys, a little over the 200 limit.

I’m trying to figure out a story for this fez wearing girl and her AK47, and anything I come up with is a little freaky. All the same, very nice work on the character. I like the overall look of the character. The big nose, pony tail, fez, and skinny limbs are all full of personality.”

Hooray! Looks like Little Girl wins again! Yez.

4 Responses to “Along Came Poly”

  1. improbability Says:

    Skinny legs, fez and an AK47? No problem – she’d be right at home in second life.

  2. oblivionboy Says:

    Clearly she is a fembot in COMMAND-RECIEVE-INITIALIZATION-MODE getting her instructions from HQ via the shortwave radio frequency Q.



  3. Ivy Says:

    I wouldn’t send my Little Girl into Second Life, would you?

  4. mattymerr Says:

    hehe this girl would be right at home in runescape that is if she had a sword of course