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This is your face on Indiecade - September 27th, 2009

How did Indiecade get my spaghetti video?

Well, I finally did it. I finally got my greatest expression made into a poster.

As I’m sure many of you indie-loving persons are aware, there’s an event called Indiecade coming up within the next week. My game Nanobots was selected as a finalist, which was in itself a huge honour. But imagine my surprise when they offered to pay for my entire trip. My reaction was…well, see above.

So any of you who are going to Culver City next week, I’ll see you there! For those of you who aren’t, I’ll be staring at you ominously from that poster.

2 Responses to “This is your face on Indiecade”

  1. JohnGreenArt Says:

    Awesome! Congrats!

  2. Ivy Says:

    Thank you kindly. :)