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Hi Mom - October 12th, 2009

Hey dudes!

I’ve just managed to track down the Indiecade clip from GTTV. They were nice enough to surround it with an in-depth feature about Modern Warfare 2. You can watch the segment here; the Indiecade segment starts at 6:40, and the me stuff is at 7:33. I talk about PC/Mac compatability issues…in relationships.


Yes yes, but what do I win if I answer all the questions right?

5 Responses to “Hi Mom”

  1. elliot Says:

    Haha, I love the segment right after IndieCade.

    “So you’ve got killstreaks and deathstreaks…”

  2. Ivy Says:

    Yeah, it was nice of them to interrupt the sound of gunfire long enough to show our segment. ;)

  3. Beorn Says:

    Dommage! It seems I can’t watch it from France…

    Nice job though : Indies on TV \o/

  4. salty-horse Says:

    Beorn (and others),

    this alternative link should work:

  5. Tom Says:

    Made my night! Your segment was a fun break from the gun porn.