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New Game Footage &c. - November 4th, 2009

Hello! I’m Eri–actually, I won’t spoil it for you. It’s all in the video.

Stacy Davidson of Odyssee Pictures generously put together this Puzzle Bots video for the IGF. It contains a bunch of new footage from the IGF build of our game, and a couple of new robots. You can also see both Dave and I talk about our vision for the game. Check it on out!

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  1. Beorn Says:

    There’s a bunch of great games in the candidates :
    - a shame Lose/lose only “works” on Macs, I like the Idea xD
    - Aztaka was fun even with some bugs
    - judging by the amount of time my roommate spends on Heroes of Newerth beta, it’s a good game for sure (but I’d say it’s “half-indie”)
    - The Blackwell Convergence of course ^_^

    But I’m sure Puzzle Bots will stand out !
    Good luck for the competition !

    Gamedev@Nadeo@Ubisoft (^_^)

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