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Electric Playground - February 5th, 2010

You guys!

G4TV’s Electric Playground was kind enough to interview me for a segment about Puzzle Bots. We shot it last July, and it just aired this week. Check it on out! (You might have to wait a few days, if you’re in Canada).

You’re looking at some anime-grade hair shellac, on my part.

Meeting Donna and Leland (the tireless camera guy), was a wonderful experience. They managed to quell my anxieties a bit, even though I hadn’t been on camera since TVO Kids had an open house (hi Ontario).

They even took me out for cake after the shoot, which was like a birthday, but better. It was like a birthday where you get a year younger instead, and then 7 million people watch you talk about pixelated robots because it’s your job.

7 Responses to “Electric Playground”

  1. Miez Says:

    “anime-grade hair shellac, on my part” – well, to the untrained eye, it’s a feature of both contestants. XD

  2. Ivy Says:

    And I promise the pun was mostly unintentional. ;)

  3. Andrew Says:

    You did fine on camera. Looking forward to playing the game!

  4. Emanuele Says:

    i wish all the game developers i knew were so cute and smart as you are.

  5. Kyra Says:

    Hahaha, I watched that and thought “Hey, I remember that level!” Long time no see, how is dev for this going? Can’t wait till the launch!

  6. Gold Fish Says:

    i saw you on tv recently ( on xplay review of indie games i think )

    i was like , why does she looks so familiar

  7. Litda Says:

    I saw this on TV and I thought, who is that girl, she seems familiar.

    Seeing this blog article after re-reading you article on female game creator’s, I realize that it was you. LOL Making the connection.