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Fantasy vs. Reality - February 28th, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an indie game dev, boy do I have some slides for you!

These are from my presentation at Indiecade about the fantasy vs. reality of indie game development. They were for a Pecha Kucha-style talk, where each slide was shown for a few seconds before advancing automatically. Most of the other presenters talked about their games, but I misread the instructions and made a presentation about myself. Hope you like it!

The full beard of unhappiness

And yes, these are all true stories.

22 Responses to “Fantasy vs. Reality”

  1. Igor Hardy Says:

    FANTASY: HA! I can do better Indiecade presentations in my sleep! :)

    REALITY: Damn! Must I be this brilliant to be even allowed at Indiecade. :(

  2. Miez Says:

    You, madam, are becoming quite the comic artiste… :D

  3. Ivy Says:

    Cheers gents. :)

  4. Sandy Says:

    Ha, that’s great! My brother and I also develop indie games, and for #7 just switch ‘it’s a girl’ with ‘they live in a small town in the middle of nowhere’!

    (but at least nobody tries to stare down our shirts..)

    Love drawings!

  5. Sauyadav Says:

    Ho Ho ho Ho! Life is funnier than anything you can imagine…

  6. will Says:

    so sad .

  7. Macguffin Says:

    Well played, madam. +1

  8. Simon P Says:

    You grew a beard? Awesome, welcome to the club! Here’s your complimentary beard comb.

  9. Ivy Says:

    Whoa, thanks for the comments everyone! :)

    @Sandy: That’s awesome! It’s so strange how people just like to remember one fact about game dev teams. It’s like, “Oh, he’s that guy who works from a sheep farm” or “They were the kids who got a publishing deal right out of school.” Everyone likes a good story, I guess!

    @will: Yeah, these kind of get sadder every time I read them. It’s like anything by Jonathan Coulton…funny the first time, and then unlistenably sad after that. :P

    @Simon: Beard comb! :D
    Imagining such a product has made my day.

  10. Ciro Continisio Says:

    The best is “Girl does thing; is girl”… Ah ah ah… I really laughed on that one!

  11. PsySal Says:

    Awesome. These are all really great!

  12. Jens Bergensten Says:


    I broke the “no laughter at work” rule at #7 =(

  13. Dom Camus Says:

    Insightful and funny! Would be even funnier if it wasn’t alarmingly true. :-/

  14. Nando Says:

    Love the slides.
    And you’re a very funny bearded girl :)

  15. Matt Says:

    I lurve this :)

  16. Andre Tipton Says:

    I love this. you are a very creative and intelligent person. I will follow your career and maybe we can get an interview with you on my Deathmatch podcast.
    Take care.

  17. Chris C'tan Says:

    “7″ makes me cringe because its SO true. Not just for video-games but anything in the geek-world. Example : I bring my GF into Games workshop because she wants to buy some miniatures – and people are like “omg a girl gamer no way!”. Then she tells them she plays necrons and its like “OMG a chick likes necrons!!!” as if the opposite gender could never ever possibly appreciate evil robots. In other words, you are a genius!

  18. Michelle Franklin Says:

    Aw, Erin. Don’t give up! I have still yet to work with you! AND TOGETHER, WE SHALL BE AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE! Hey, place your games on the iStore. I’d buy them againt in a second :D

  19. Meja Says:

    Hi Erin,
    I don’t really understand #2. :/

  20. Donette Kalmbach Says:

    Remember to do not give up the regular job, but I also consider this is magnificent!!

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