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This Just Got Real - March 11th, 2010

Given the state of my nerves at the moment, I’d say that the big day has finally arrived. But for the uninitiated:


I think that anyone with an interest or a stake in the future of independent games should watch the awards. Also, anyone dissatisfied with the selection of games at retail stores. Or anyone who suspects that video games have an insane amount of potential as a medium, if only someone could figure out how to tap into that. This awards show is for you.

For my part, I’ll be the one on stage handing out awards to people far more talented than me. I’m co-hosting the awards with Kyle Gabler, who designed World of Goo. I haven’t made my World of Goo yet. But together, we did write a bunch of lame jokes that we hope somebody laughs at.

See you all tonight!


8 Responses to “This Just Got Real”

  1. Simon Law Says:

    Break a leg! :D

  2. Janina Says:

    Grats! Adrian was telling me that you were hosting the awards – that’s kickass! I’m going to check out the video archive when I get a chance.

  3. Joe Osborn Says:

    You two did an awesome job — congratulations!

  4. sinoth Says:

    Mad respect. You and Kyle were so endearingly awkward, and I say that as lovingly as possible! The dry, cynical humor set the stage perfectly for cactus’s performance. Awesome job you two :)

  5. Teh James Says:

    Stumbled upon your site after seeing you on the IGF awards, and quite glad I did! I’m a huge adventure game nerd and looking into making some of my own soon (though I admittedly know absolutely jack all about where to start) and I can never turn down free adventure games. :) The old school variety are hard to come by these days.

  6. Daniel Says:

    Curse Safari’s forgetfulness, your latest post only showed up in my rss feed today=(

    I’m in the same position as ‘Teh James’ up there: just found your site recently and itching to start making adventure games, soon as I get a spare moment. (Funny how doing a games design course leaves me with no time to make games…)

    The archived video of the IGF awards can be found here – – and our lovely hosts can be seen after 04:55.


  7. LimpingFish Says:

    I have to admit that I only watched the archived video after reading Greg Costikyan’s angry blog post regarding his problems with this years ceremony.

    Ignoring the IGN thing, which really was fairly annoying (though maybe not enough to justify a walk out), I thought the show, and it’s hosts, did a pretty fine job.

    Off-topic: Visitors to this otherwise aces site, who happen to be browsing with Firefox’s NoScript plugin enabled, are greeted with a hefty wad of text ads, linking to, which must be scrolled through to get to the posts. Just a heads up.

  8. Ivy Says:

    That should all be fixed now.

    Thanks to everyone who tuned in. :) Being “endearingly awkward” was just about the best thing we could hope for.

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