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Paris (the good kind) - June 17th, 2007

Hey all,

So I’m in Paris. It’s just like Canada except everyone’s French, dressed to the nines, and used to coffee that actually gets more expensive as you drink it. Also, the architecture here makes me think I’ve wandered onto a 90 square kilometre movie set. Incidentally, look for me in the credits of L’Amour sur le Metro. I’m listed as “girl drinking expensive coffee.”

I’ve been taking it pretty easy, although I’ve done a few comics since hitting the road. Note how they have that loose “drawn-on-a-moving-bus” aesthetic.

The little boy is supposed to be my brother.

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And here he is looking at some gargoyles:

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Oh hey, remember when I said I was going to take up political cartooning? Well, I submitted a comic to my local independent newspaper, and they printed it in their June issue! I’m pretty happy with the situation; I have lot of respect for independent media, and I really want to get invited to their parties.

Here’s the comic:

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I’m inking another one tonight. I hope everyone likes easily-caricatured Canadian environmentalists!


4 Responses to “Paris (the good kind)”

  1. voh Says:

    Paris, eh? What coincidence, as I’ll be terrorizing and drinking far too expensive coffee there a week from now :)

  2. Ivy Says:

    Heh, hope you had a good time in Paris, voh. I just got back from Ireland and I can tell you coffee isn’t the only kind of drink that’s way too expensive in Europe.

  3. voh Says:

    Oh god, don’t remind me (late response FTW).

    Amazingly enough I realized quickly that while the Netherlands isn’t cheap, it’s still a whole heap cheaper than France. Fie on France!

    Hope Ireland wasn’t too rainy ;)

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