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Preorder Up! (+ Limited Time Bonus Art) - April 28th, 2010

So I’ve got bad news and great news. Bad news first: Puzzle Bots is delayed, but only until May 7th. To use Dave Gilbert’s words, “We want to be super-extra sure that this game is as perfect as it can be, and the extra testing time will be well worth it.” I don’t think super-extra is a word, but you get the drift.

And here is the great news: If you preorder the game, you get some amazingly rad bonus art done by some of my favourite illustrators. But only until May 7th! And man, you’re not going to believe this lineup:


Hero by Heriberto Martinez, developer of the upcoming game Shades of Violet.

Ultrabot by Harvey James, creator of delicious illustrations for Kotaku,, Vice Magazine, and like a billion other things.

Kelvin by Kevin “Kevbot” Merritt, illustrator, comics artist, and visual merchandizer extraordinaire.

Ibi by David Hellman, illustrator of the comic A Lesson is Learned and a little game called Braid.

Bomchelle by Jess Fink, creator of the fantastic (though NSFW) comic Chester 5000 XYV, and some of the most popular Threadless shirts to date.

To my unending joy and amazement, each of the artists above donated their work to the game. It was especially humbling, as they all use their creative work to earn some or all of their living. Each of the robot portraits sampled above are unlocked as you go through the game, although they are only displayed at the game resolution.

But! If you preorder the game, you get all of their gorgeous high-res art. Plus, you’ll get the full poster art for the game, and an older retro-style poster that we commissioned from background artist John Green. This is your only chance to get the Bonus Art Pack, so if you were thinking of buying the game, now’s a good time!

One Response to “Preorder Up! (+ Limited Time Bonus Art)”

  1. Kevbot Says:

    Not pogs eh? I wish they were pogs. They would make for some slammin pogs. You could say “Remember adventure gaming? It’s back… in POG form.”