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Official Post-Mittens Post - July 30th, 2007

So long and thanks for all the pixels.
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Wow, this week has been one crazy adventure after another. A great big hug to everyone who was at the Mittens gathering…never before have I met a group capable of constant shenanigans.

This week reminded me why I love being around creative people: they don’t let things like “adulthood” get in the way of having fun. We made forts, sandcastles, tin can phones, fires, pixel art, and questionable artistic films. All these things are part of a complete childhood, except maybe that last one. Beyond the nostalgia that’s a part of any adventure game gathering, I think we all learned a few new things. How many people actually fit in a hot tub, for example.

One thing’s for sure: I’ll find a way to get to Mittens ‘08, come hell or high grad school.


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2 Responses to “Official Post-Mittens Post”

  1. BiggerJ Says:

    Nice Charlie Foxtrot. The bright colors suit him.

    Also, the blog Independent Gaming made another announcement about Nanobot’s release date. It said that Blackwell Unbound is being made available for purchase very soon, at around the same time as Nanobots. Is this more accurate than their last announcement?

  2. Ivy Says:

    Thanks for the tip, BiggerJ. Every time Independent Gaming mentions me I get a major surge in hits. :D

    Blackwell will most certainly be out in the next month. That’s Erin’s pizza and textbook money. ;)

    Hopefully, Nanobots will be done not long after Blackwell. Vince and I are both very busy at the moment (he’s working on his own fancypants commercial game), but Nanobots is pretty short so I think we can swing it. I’ll keep you posted. :)