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Order Matters - October 21st, 2010

To my fellow PC Gamers, I have some most excellent news! Puzzle Bots will go up on Steam this Friday, DRM-free, for $4.99 / £3.49 / €4.49.

So this is unrelated, but remember that Psychonauts Christmas ornament I made 3 years ago? I just found out that it still goes up on the Double Fine Christmas tree every year. From Mr. Tim Schafer himself.

That’s like two life goals down in one week.

6 Responses to “Order Matters”

  1. Simon Law Says:

    Congratulations! \o/

  2. Valerie Tiegs Says:

    I wish you good luck with your Puzzle Bots game. And I really enjoyed “Spooks.” But the statement “Puzzle Bots will go up on Steam this Friday, DRM-free” is a contradiction. Steam IS DRM. Other than UbiSoft’s DRM, Steam is the most obnoxious DRM in existence. Stating that something on Steam is DRM-free is like saying “Members of supremacist organizations are hate-free.” It’s an oxymoron.

  3. Ivy Says:

    Our game engine doesn’t play well with Steam’s wraparound DRM, so we opted not to use it. It’s up to you whether you use Steam or not.

  4. James Says:

    May want to consider putting it on Impulse and GOG as well. I saw it on Steam which pushed me to go to Wadjet and buy it there, but most people won’t know about that route.

    By the way, in the level with the lilypad… I towed the real fly to the shore, and then towed the lilypad. The fly moved with the lilypad (levitating), despite having already been moved. Now the fly is on the shore and cannot be towed down to the fish.

  5. Ivy Says:

    Hey James, that’s not a bad idea. Ultimately it’s up to Dave where we distribute the game but I’ll bring it up with him.

    Re: the underwater level, can you grab the fly if you put Ibi in the water first?

  6. James Says:

    Aha, I can! Ibi ’swims’ over the land, and as soon as she picks it up, she turns into a ball again, but the fly teleports to the edge by the water. That’ll work. So it’s just a display bug really, the fly does relative motion with the lilypad even if you’ve moved it from the lilypad to the shore beforehand.

    I love the game btw. I had the strangest realization playing it, that it’s the first game I’ve seen in _years_ with good dialogue.

    Anyway, back to playing :)

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