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Go Team Venture! - November 2nd, 2007

Holy fructose, Batman! Check out this sweet interview.

Vel of our very own AGS community has compiled an interview with Wadjet Eye Games. You can find out all sorts of fun behind-the-scenes stuff about Blackwell: Unbound, plus some background stuff about the team. I like how my Myst and Riven posters are barely visible in the background of my picture.

Hope everyone had an excellent Halloween. I went as my favourite Batman villain, Mr. Freeze.

…kidding. I finally got to dress up as Poison Ivy.

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Yes, I actually bought the dress that my avatar is wearing. Lame! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

3 Responses to “Go Team Venture!”

  1. BioJ Says:

    I really liked the interview, thanks for the link.

    Neat costume btw…;)

  2. scummbuddy Says:

    I totally would have guessed Poison Ivy. Nice. Hope the pic is up on facebook. Boo photobucket for trying to make me register.

  3. Ivy Says:

    Heh, thanks guys. :) I was under a lot of pressure to beat last year’s costume, where I spiked up my hair and went as a fireball.

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