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I teached! - January 27th, 2011

EDIT: You can now find Mac versions of the games here!

Earlier this year, Chicago’s Columbia College created an ambitious new course for their game design students. The students were to design and create an entire game in just eight days of class, five hours a day. They called it the Indie Game Sprint. And they put me in charge.

Poster by the awesome Angad Mathur, who makes school look cool. Or like…Tron.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and Unity’s excellent documentation, my students have made you four brand new games (they work best when played at a high resolution). Here they are:

Sassy Robots in Space!!!
by Team SwordVan: Brian Cielesz, Noah Johnson, & Tucker Williams

No one is surprised that my students made a game about sassy robots.

Navigate a series of 3D platforms by moving the colored orbs and solving puzzles.

Folding Dragon
by Team Flightless Penguins: Michelle Flamm, Phillip Hogan, & Kevin Mackey

This is just begging to be a touchscreen game.

Help the dragon find his magical orb by folding origami paper into a path. An excellent (and difficult!) little puzzler.

Gravity Game: A Game of Gravitational Pursuit
by Team Denim Jacketz: Gewargis Envia, Blair Kuhlman, & Morgan O’Brien

Smashing fun!

Alter the direction of gravity to break stuff and earn points. Although the scoring system is a little broken. Oops.

10:15 to Clerkenwell
by Team Scorpion Jazzhands: Josef Locastro, Elise Motzny, & Philip Scholp

It’s “Robot Unicorn Attack” meets your childhood imagination.

Trace your finger through the empty spaces on a window to collect pearls and avoid obstacles.

If you happen to play these, please don’t hesitate to leave feedback. If all goes well I’ll teach another section of this course someday, and I’d be happy to pass along any information to the kids. Some of whom are older than me.

10 Responses to “I teached!”

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  2. increpare Says:

    Given that they were made in unity, mac versions would be super neat :)

  3. Tembac Says:

    Great games!

    I liked Folding dragon. It is prety adictive but it becomes repetitive too quickly. It will be interesting if we could fold the paper in more than one way.

    Sassy robots needs to capture the mouse. It was very difficult for me to play because the mouse getting out of the window. The Idea seems interesting but the mouse problem was to frustrating for me.

    I couldn´t download the other two games. I will try them latter.

  4. Ivy Says:

    Hey increpare, I’ll suggest it to the students – I don’t have access to the unbuilt games any more. But yes, I agree – you Mac people need all the games you can get. :)

    And Tembac, they should all be working now (knock on wood). I think my hosting provider might have a cap for downloads above 20MB, which was causing the problem. I switched out the links for ones from the school itself.

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  6. Darren Horton Says:

    Those look like some great games there :) I’m hoping to look at Unity myself sometime soon, it looks like a fantastic engine. Anywho, I’ll get these downloaded and have a play around.

    I guess we can assume that you’ve been enjoying the teaching job? :)

  7. Ivy Says:

    Hooray, now with Mac versions!

    And yes, teaching was great fun. It allllmost didn’t feel like work. :) At some point I should post the “reading list” of experimental games I gave my students before the course started.

  8. Joe Larson Says:

    The folding dragon caught my eye. Played through the whole thing in a single setting. Unique mechanic that never felt particularly difficult. Loved it.

    I’ll try the others and get back here.

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  10. Sup Holmes gets ghastly with Gravity Ghost’s Erin R. | Says:

    [...] and start developing, giving the keynote to this year’s Global Game Jam and teaching the Indie Game Sprint development class at Columbia [...]