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Anyone reading this is automatically my Valentine. Ha! - February 14th, 2008

New comic. This one is exploring the previously untapped subject of “office humour.”

Now, to get back to publishing a game, a thesis, and a book in one semester.

I need a vacation. :P

One Response to “Anyone reading this is automatically my Valentine. Ha!”

  1. Beorn Says:

    Good way to have plenty of various Valentines….
    Had I know, I’d have sent a box full of sparetime. I have some left and it’s as good as chocolate as a present.

    And concerning the comic : Accountings will rule us all, one day. Foreseeing eyes already noticed that.

    “It’s fun to charter an accountant
    And sail the wide accountancy,
    To find, explore the funds offshore
    And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy!

    It can be manly in insurance.
    We’ll up your premium semi-annually.
    It’s all tax deductible.
    We’re fairly incorruptible,
    We’re sailing on the wide accountancy!”

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