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Imaginary Q & A - February 28th, 2008

Q: Hey Ivy, what’s the hold-up? Where are the Nanobots and can I play with them yet?

A: Good question. Unfortunately my life has taken a turn for the ridiculously busy, but here’s what I can tell you right now:

PhotobucketThe gameplay itself is done done done.
PhotobucketThe ending cutscene is missing two or three animations that won’t take me too long.
PhotobucketBased on what the beta testers had to say, I decided to add a tutorial section to the beginning. This will take me a bit of extra effort but will probably make the game a lot more fun/intuitive.
PhotobucketScorposer has kindly offered to make me a few more tunes and sound effects, which shouldn’t be too long in the making.
PhotobucketI’m more eager to be done with this thing than all of you put together, so don’t worry. ;)

Q: I am a loyal reader of your blog but have yet to post anything. If I sent you a real Q & A question would you answer it?

A: Yes. It would make me very happy to do so.

Q: So…why aren’t you done with Nanobots yet?

A: Hey screw you.

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  1. Nanobots - What’s goin’ on with that? Says:

    [...] Are you one of my many readers who has been waiting ever so long for Erin “The Ivy” Robinson to post her brand spanking new (and ridiculously fun game), Nanobots? Are you thinking to yourself, “Hey, what’s the hold up Erin? I’m a loyal fan, but there is only so much patience I have. Why must you insist on making me cry myself to sleep nightly?” Well, my friend… Erin has a good reason that things aren’t done yet! Just take a look at the FAQ about it all on her blog. [...]