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Boredom + Nerddom = Fandom - June 13th, 2008

I only wore these once…to a comic shop. Photobucket















Since 98.2% of you are new visitors, this might be a good time to mention that I’m also an indie games developer, and I’ve got a new freeware adventure game coming out in the next week or so. It’s called “Nanobots” and it’s about puzzle-solving robots. Y’all come back now, y’hear? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

59 Responses to “Boredom + Nerddom = Fandom”

  1. frisbeepilot Says:


  2. Whimsical Says:

    This was a triumph! I’m making a note here – huge success! :)

    (Seriously, mega cool earrings and another amazing pic. I was hoping you were going for the companion cube from the first picture, so I was pretty psyched to be right. It happens so rarely. :) )

  3. Kerry Says:

    Cute! You’ve inspired me to get to work and finish my Guybrush and LeChuck voodoo doll pincushions…

  4. Ivy Says:

    Thanks everyone!

    frisbeepilot, I could send you your own set, but I’m not sure if they’d suit you. ;)

    Whimsical, thanks muchly. :) You were indeed correct about the companion cube. It was a lot of fun to make, and I was actually kind of sad when I had to cut it in half. :/

    Kerry, that sounds like an awesome project! I hope you send pictures when you’re done.

  5. Raskal Says:

    I do hope these aren’t the only ones of its kind, I’d pierce my ears for these beauties, fitting or not.

    What better way to think with portals than to be between two at all times? And a faithful cube to boot.

  6. Juice505 Says:

    Seriously geek cred here. Pretty cool!

  7. Ivy Says:

    Thanks very much Raskal!

    That’s actually quite a nice way to think about it…I wasn’t so sure about walking around with a portal through my head. People could get the wrong idea. ;)

  8. Ivy Says:

    Also: thanks Juice505. :) I hear geek cred is redeemable for Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

  9. EricW Says:

    Very nice! Must say I am impressed ;-)

    PS. You just might be my soulmate lol

  10. VG_Junkee Says:

    yep, it’s official. Once you hit stumbleupon, you hit Digg. then THE WORLD. expect alot of the “marry me” lines. Portal Reference equals instant win.

  11. Ivy Says:

    *big smile*

    I’ll prepare for the digg crowd then, shall I?

  12. EricW Says:

    Haha Damn right VG lol.

    Get on it Ivy ;-)

  13. zenador Says:

    i think i love you

  14. purjunka Says:

    Marry me

  15. Ivy Says:

    purjunka, I’m going to be honest…it felt weird to click “approve” on that comment. :P

  16. boxafella Says:

    not only are you Canadian… but you’re beautiful… and a gamer!

    My head’s going to explode.

  17. ColdFyre Says:

    Now why would you only wear such awesome creations only one time?

  18. TheShirtPocket Says:

    WOW! This made me very happy, the hearts in particular =). Is this Sculpey? I’ve worked with that stuff for the past…8 years of my life. So much fun to be able to put your fingers around something like a companion cube, and best of all, you made it with your own hands! Way to go!

  19. Behemothxp Says:

    This is… incredible, really!

    I wish I had the hands to do such amazing art… just this little piece of accessory made me think about buying your games actually XD but I wait for the new Nanobots I think =) I like the charme of the screenshots of your first game very much, reminds me of the old Lucasarts games, when graphic was uniform and people concentrated on what really matters, having fun while playing a game

    Something Portal did too, combined with awesome graphics.

    Kudos for your work -bookmarks your site-

  20. Mikey Says:

    This has got to be the coolest thing I’ve stumbled upon lately. The companion cube was awesome in itself.. then you busted out the portals and the idea went from 10 out of 10 to F***ing-Awesome out of 10!

  21. EricW Says:

    I didn’t have time last night as I had to get to bed for work (only 1 week left in the sweat shop known as a GM assembly line so I can go full time into my IT consulting and Real Estate businesses) but I am going to check out your games right now.

    Once in a while Stumble Upon actually brings me across something I just have to bookmark and check back on. This little site of yours is definitely my latest!

    Boxafella, I would have went with gorgeous but beautiful works just as well ;-) I will definitely say there should be more women like this in the world!

  22. Ivy Says:

    Flattered but spoken for, I’m afraid. :)

    Thank you everyone for your kind words, I’ve read your comments a few times and they keep making me happy. I used to play with Fimo as a kid and I’m kinda glad I still know how to use it.

    …and even though this is the second piece of video game fanart I’ve made out of Fimo that doesn’t mean it’ll become a thing. ;)

  23. john Says:

    Great job on the earrings, they look great. As does the wearer ;-) Whoever is your significant other is very lucky :-) cute and talented.

  24. purjunka Says:

    “Ivy Says:
    purjunka, I’m going to be honest…it felt weird to click “approve” on that comment. :P

    It was more of a joke reply to VG_Junkee’s comment but in all honesty if I saw you walking down the street wearing that I would hit on you 100%.

    PS. I bet you were “teh pwnage” at the comic shop. :P

  25. EricW Says:

    Ok downloaded the demos of your games and absolutely had a blast. Spent most of my time on the Unbound one and loved the look and story. Had that old style, retro feel to it and I enjoyed the graphics and even the story. Going to purchase them just for the hell of it because I had a good time on them.

    Very nice Ivy! Going to have to check out the nanobots one now.

  26. GeekanerdAHR Says:

    Just dangling Companion Cubes would have been enough, but to position it half in half out of a Portal…you’re awesome. I’ll be adding this to the Portal round-up page at Geekanerd, Portal Authority.

  27. Ivy Says:

    Well this project has certainly been good for my ego. :-,

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it. Glad the earrings are such a hit…and gamer gentlemen, I’m sure you could fashion a right dandy pair of cufflinks if you had some smaller mirrors (I’m not actually recommending this, but you know ;) .

    (Also, thanks for checking out my games. Not everyone likes the “retro” look, but I’m one of those people who still plays King’s Quest, so I’m sort of biased. ;)

  28. faithie270 Says:

    Ohmygod… What amazing creations. I wish I’d the time to do that. That was creative and so nicely constructed. I’m going to try that soon! Ok I’m a geek too.___.

  29. Ivy Says:

    Hey thanks! :D

    I hope you do try it…creative geekiness is a good way to spend a rainy day. :-,

  30. mrgoodbytes87 Says:

    Wicked cool earrings. Glad I stumbled here. I’d totally buy those from you… but i don’t know who i’d give them too. look great on you though!

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  34. GingerBurns Says:

    Is it a bit awkward for me to say as soon as I saw this pic I wanted to marry you. Seriously. Where do I meet someone like you?

  35. Kurokenji Says:

    OF COURSE I’ll be back!! Aaar as the others said,I’m really glad to have stumbled here. I definitly should craft some companion cube items. mmh maybe some stuff for cats? Anyway,I can provide you with swiss chocolate in exchange of these earrings!!

    ow,and just tell me if you need to know something concerning japanese,I’m half-jap and I’ll be glad to help you out in any way!

    uuh and keep up the good work. And I think Poison Ivy in the batman movies are really off their potential. She’s truly a brilliant supervilain,she deserve a better image on the screen. And a more wicked one.

  36. subviewer Says:

    1.5 years and no one got the subliminal message?

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  40. danakate Says:

    I just came across these and they are quite awesome. Thank you for posting the pictures! I think I might try my hand at making tiny whole cube earrings and putting them in a cage of some sort. Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  41. SelDraken Says:

    Its cool to see your creativity flows even outside the world of game dev.

  42. KC Says:


  43. Wow Says:

    Wow, the creator of Nanobots is a hot redhead with mad sculpey skills.

    This world just became a significantly more awesome place.

  44. David Van Drunen Says:

    I love how you used little mirror as a mount. A really creative idea to show portals. :)

  45. NJ_Static(PSN) Says:

    just stumbled here,
    really cool job

  46. Carl Tipton Says:

    The moment I found your page was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in making this article.

  47. Clayton Says:

    really clever job on making that
    it’s just another inspiration for me to make my legitimate Majora’s mask costume

  48. Demelix Tsuki Says:

    i love companion cube thank you stumble upon. ive actually been trying to learn 2d and 3d animation so i can make games and videos and such any suggestions

  49. Jill Says:

    Holy shit, holy shit. I am going to make some of these some day.

  50. patrick Says:

    i wish i knew a cute girl that likes portal XD
    i could fit those cubes in my gauge hole, 7/8ths of a inch hole through my earlobe.

  51. tori Says:

    wow. at first i was all uninterested and whatnot. but than i saw it and now thats the coolest thing i’ve ever seen.
    i want them

  52. drew Says:

    you are the most beautiful girl ive ever seen…that is all

  53. Gerry Frear Says:

    Hey there! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

  54. k Says:

    the cake is a lie the cake is a lie!

  55. Neko-Chan Says:

    Hello there i have a question about what kind of clay you use. it would help very much im makeing GLaDOS’s earing and Companon cubes. Thank you very much

  56. Ivy Says:

    I used Fimo clay, but Sculpey works just as well. Go forth and spread the dorkitude!

  57. Neko-Chan Says:

    Sweet thank you so much! Can’t wait to go to the craft store.(im working on GLaDOS earrings as well, when i finish them i’ll post a pic. ;)

  58. J C Says:

    Please will you make me some???!!!

  59. Aasim Says:

    Haha I have a certain urge to go and play Portal on my PS3 console now!