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Thanks for coming back. :) - June 20th, 2008

Hey new visitors! So who wants cake? Photobucket

Okay, so we’re into our last week of beta testing for Nanobots. If I had to pick a day to come back here it would be…June 27. I didn’t want to give any more away by posting screenshots (those are here here and here), so this is more a teaser than an actual preview.


See, I promised some people there would be explosions and well…I don’t plan to let them down.

11 Responses to “Thanks for coming back. :)”

  1. Cloudtle Says:

    Cake? Where is teh Cake!!!

    I Do’s!

  2. Ivy Says:

    Why has no one made the obvious reply yet? ;)

  3. salty-horse Says:

    … The cake is a pie?

  4. Ivy Says:

    Close enough!

  5. Cloudtle Says:

    Cake = Celebration…

    Celebration about teh game…

    Or Celebration because it might be your birthday??

  6. Danny Smooth Says:

    So this is where Ivy lives. Swanky! I’m looking forward to your new game. If it was anything like Spooks, it should be pretty decent. Here’s a teaser for my critique: “This is certainly something! I laughed! I cried!” Too many exclamation points? Maybe I should throw in an interrobang for good luck?!

    Take it easy,
    Danny Smooth

  7. Ivy Says:

    Cake because I’m flogging the dead horse of Portal references. ;)

    And Danny Smooth…do I know you from somewhere? College or something?

  8. Danny Smooth Says:

    Hey, Ivy, it’s me, Dan from GW! I drew those awful comics and doubly awful lists. The fat guy with a heart of gold.

    It’s been a while. I was linked to this place from another GW staffer JTL. So, this is how you’ve kept busy! Like I said above, I’m looking forward to your game. It kinda looks science-y like Day of the Tentacle.

  9. Ivy Says:

    Hey, I thought it was you! :D

    That’s so random, Brendan and I were just talking about you yesterday like, “What ever happened to that guy?” (Remember Brendan? Apparently you talked to him about Magic Cards once). And then you just happened to find my blog. Craziness.

    But hi! Still making films or whatever? Or that game about that dinosaur that stabs people?

  10. Danny Smooth Says:

    Neato! I was also awash of nostalgia for old table top games because the new D&D rule books just came out. I still like my older ones but the new ones are decent too.

    I think I remember that conversation, I was talking his ear off about past interpretations of the wording on some of the cards. To this day, if a card says “Destroy target card” I would argue that tearing the target card up is a valid course of action. So as you can see, I take my Magic seriously.

    I wrote a couple zombie movie scripts, all terrible, but I got myself a desk job and that kinda came to an end. My Stabasaurus game is written, but I’m no artist so getting the animation, etc. together is tedious to put it mildly.

    Have you checked out Yahtzee’s new animated series? He’s gotten pretty big since his days with the Big Blue Cup. He also writes for PC gamer.

  11. Ivy Says:

    I think what you’re describing is “Nerd-stalgia.” I’m not sure there’s a cure.

    Heh, I’m quite fond of Yahtzee’s new stuff. He’s a funny, funny man. Also, he was pretty much spot on about the Orange Box, Zach & Wiki, & Psychonauts. It’s cool that he’s still making AGS games on the side. Actually, I got into AGS after playing “5 Days a Stranger.” Small world.

    By the way, I still hope we get to see Stabasaurus some day. Can you work on it from your desk job? ;)

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