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N-N-N-N-Nanobots! - June 27th, 2008


Internet, I am proud to introduce my second freeware adventure game, “Nanobots”!

Download it here! (rar)
Or here! (zip)

Design, art, and writing by Erin “The Ivy” Robinson
Scripting by Vince Twelve
Music by Chris “Scorposer” Moorson

The story:


Groovy Greg set out to make robots that could love. He created six nanobots: Hotbot, Brainbot, Tallbot, Audbot, Strongbot, and Chembot. Each was designed with one special ability, enabling them to work together as a team to overcome challenges. There was only one problem: the nanobots hated each other.

Now, with the evil Professor Killfun threatening to give him a failing grade, Groovy Greg has almost given up on his experiment. Little does he know that his beloved bots are about to meet an even bigger challenge than they had been programmed for…

“Nanobots” is a classic-style point and click adventure game that lets you control the six different robots as they race to save themselves from being turned into scrap metal. Can they make use of their surroundings, fashion an escape plan, and avoid coming face-to-fist with Professor Killfun? Only if they give peace a chance.

Click to view large size

I’m eager to hear what you think of it. There’s one catch though…I’m about to disappear from the grid for about four days (you know, Canada Day). I’ve asked my friend Tim to moderate all the comments until I come back on Tuesday. So if I don’t reply right away, don’t be sad! I’ll be back and I’ll personally reply to everyone (except the spambots; they’re giving robotkind a bad name).

Hope you like it, lovelies!

P.S. If you get stuck, Audbot is pretty good at giving hints.

14 Responses to “N-N-N-N-Nanobots!”

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    [...] Head on over to Ivy’s site to download and enjoy the goodness! [...]

  2. activationensues Says:

    You can consider this downloaded, submitted on Digg and Reddit, AND shared via Google Reader!

  3. Nanobots is HERE! Says:

    [...] those waiting to play the long awaited indy created adventure game, NanoBots by Erin “The Ivy” Robinson, your wait is FINALLY over! [...]

  4. avi.kaye Says:

    A small bug – if you want to save a game, you open the save game menu. And save. And then… erm… you’re stuck. You can’t close it, and there’s nowhere I could find to go back to the game. On the other hand, I may be blind.

  5. Cloudtle Says:

    Its a small box on the right side, below the four save areas… Its blackened out but when you go over it an X appears… Did that solve it?

    Good game so far… (:

  6. Danny Smooth Says:

    That’s a neat game you have there, Ivy. I found one of the puzzles diabolical but the rest were perfect. Your game worked well with my robot themed weekend (I saw Wall*e).

    I noticed a few problem areas and brought them up with Vince.

    Kudos all around!

  7. avi.kaye Says:

    @ Cloudtle – It must have been one of my blind days. Thanks.

  8. Ivy Says:

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    @activationensues, thanks for driving up my traffic just a little. :)

    @avi.kaye, hopefully that’s the only trouble you have with the game…if not, I’m only a comment away. ;)

    @Cloudtle, I’m glad you like it!

    @Danny Smooth, heh, I’m very curious as to which puzzle was “diabolical” (although maybe I can guess ;) . You’ll get an easier or harder version of the game depending on how you decide to handle the objects…a variation on the “ogres and trolls crossing the river” puzzle. It’s pretty open-ended and hopefully it gives the game some replay value. Also, some of the cutscenes are different depending on which bot initiates them. :)

    Hope you all make it to the ending! And keep an eye out for those two Easter eggs…

  9. salty-horse Says:

    Done! I really liked how the game all took place on one table, while still being very fun.

    And I learned a hard lesson about conservation of matter in the process :)

    Is there a way to play Cave Story on the computer? ;)

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    [...] So, for anyone else who shares the same love of Maniac Mansion and the Space Quest series, we have Nanobots. [...]

  11. Steve Says:

    The game looks awesome, but I tried to get the robot to pop the kernel in the tutorial, but nothing happened except the little red robot just walked around.

  12. Ivy Says:

    Hi Steve,

    You have to really get Hotbot over to the left, so that the plate is almost blocking him. The game wants him to be right under the popcorn kernel. Hope that helps!

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