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Indie Games Indieview - July 8th, 2008

Hey all! Tim W. of the Indie Games blog has kindly interviewed me about all things game dev, and the aftermath can be viewed here. You can read about the status of my current game projects, the public reaction to Nanobots, and some of my inspirations. There’s also a sketch of something from “Skyward” and a picture of me wearing glasses.

I highly recommend the other interviews if you’re at all interested in the indie games community. A lot of the names are familiar, and if they aren’t their games certainly are. It’s humbling to even be on the same list. :)

Okay, seriously, that’s enough about me. If you want to check out something awesome, you should read this blog my friend Brendan writes called The Tao of Wichita. He’s been writing a lot of hilarious zen koans lately, and if you ask me, they’re a little too good. Every time I ask him if he’s really a time traveler he changes the subject and throws a blanket over his airship.

4 Responses to “Indie Games Indieview”

  1. improbability Says:

    Awww, so respectably bespectacled. Very cool stuff. I brushed off the old windows pc to play with nanobots instead of studying last night and needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep. As far as your next project goes, you know I’m still holding out for ninjas…

  2. Ivy Says:

    Aww, thanks improbability! :)

    I think it’s funny that you have to dust off a Windows PC in a house where typewriters are still in use.

    I still have that typewritten game idea letter from Clay somewhere around here…maybe you and he can team up? If I did a ninja game I’d be very tempted to let the player use “stealth” as a verb.

    Stealth cookie = take and eat cookie before convenience store clerk notices.

    Stealth boss = continue collecting paycheck long after you’ve vanished without a trace.

    Stealth stealth = your computer explodes.

  3. Binary.tobis Says:

    A hot, good natured red-head who is my age and designs kick-ass adventure games? Next time you do an interview you should put “I’m taken” somewhere in there to prevent guys like me from tracking you down and proposing. Growing up I was the only one I knew (male of female) who liked adventure games like “Day of the Tentacle” and “Maniac Mansion”, so you can imagine my surprise.

    By the way, I loved how well put-together Nanobots was. The little details make the game for me.

  4. Ivy Says:

    Far be it from me to discourage this kind of flattery! Thanks kindly. :)

    I’m glad I can keep the spirit of adventure games alive in some way. The original ones were a lot of fun, but also incredibly frustrating (Impossible puzzles before the internet came about? Yikes!). I’m working to figure out how I can preserve the “fun” and get rid of the “frustrating.” My next game will pretty much be me putting that into action. Er, ideally. ;)

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