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Game On! - August 9th, 2008

Hey dudes,

In another example of my secret life bleeding into my real life, I’ll be in Montreal next week at the GameOn Conference. The Notes on Game Dev blog was kind enough to acquire a press pass for me, so I’ll be compiling my experiences into a “guest blog” format.

If anyone reading this is planning on being there, feel free to say hi to me. I’ll be the one standing around looking lost while surreptitiously drinking my weight in free coffee.

6 Responses to “Game On!”

  1. destoo Says:

    Free coffee? And I missed it.
    Catch ya next time.

  2. newton64 Says:

    ^^ Destoo of bigpixels fame? Hot crackers, it’s a small intert00bs after all.

    Erin, you still owe me a game of Settlers of Catan…

  3. Ivy Says:

    Hey dudes, sorry I didn’t reply earlier!

    destoo, I googled you and found a blogspot blog. Is this you?

    And newton64, just name a time and place. There are plenty of coffee shops around. :)
    (P.S. Was it you who made the “Harry21″ game? I played it and it was hilarious, but I got stuck towards the end. :P )

  4. newton64 Says:

    That sounds like it involves carrying a lot of Settlers to downtown. Regardless. I’m calling either Thomson House at McGill or Cafe Santropol.

    Second, yes, it was me, and if you’re stuck you can always read the FAQ:

  5. Ivy Says:

    All right, what are you up to on Saturday? I suppose we should probably move this conversation to email. One sec!

  6. destoo Says:

    Ha. Forgot about this (why didn’t I get an email when you replied? Broken tubes..)
    Yes. That’s me. (both for Bigpixels and for the blog thingie, well I think..)
    Or you can just find me at

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