Livelyivy.com is the internet home of me, Erin Robinson Swink, an independent game developer. E-mail: erin.robinson at livelyivy.com.

I currently work designing educational games. My latest indie game was Gravity Ghost, a peaceful planet-hopper where you play as a ghost girl saving the galaxy. I don’t update this site often, but you can see what I’m up to lately on Twitter.

Though I can usually be found staring into a screen of some sort, some other neat things have happened lately:

Gravity Ghost is available on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux.
(Our reviews are 98% positive on Steam, and even Total Biscuit liked it).

In 2013 I keynoted the Global Game Jam & Freeplay Australia.

Fast Company named me as one of the Most Influential Women in Technology.

I co-founded Chicago’s Indie City Games meetup for local game devs.

My background is in experimental psychology, and sometimes I write about the intersection of neuroscience and video games.

I co-hosted the 12th annual Independent Games Festival Awards with Kyle Gabler.

You might know me from such indie games as:

Gravity Ghost (also available on Steam)
Puzzle Bots (on Steam, PAX 10 Finalist)
Nanobots (Indiecade Finalist, winner of 3 AGS Awards)
Spooks (Winner of 2 AGS Awards)

Plus some experimental games, including:

Dude Icarus
Little Girl in Underland (Winner of 1 AGS Award)
Around the World in 100 Cards