Little Girl in Underland

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“Some may feel that Czech director Jan Svankmajer’s 1988 film Neco z Alenky is the authoritative Soviet adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland (and for years it undeniably was), but now that title is seriously contested.”
-Moby Games



Top Soviet scientists discover copy of “American McGee’s Alice.”

Then, in unrelated happening, they make this game.

Little Girl in Underland was created for the TIGS (The Independent Gaming Source) bootleg demakes competition. Voice acting was generously provided by attendees of Mittens 2008. Okay!

“One of the most impressive bootleg demakes of the bunch, Little Girl in Underland both mocks and pays homage to American McGee’s Alice. It’s similar to the old adventure games, only this one’s built around hilariousness, not puzzles.”
-Jay is Games

“This is a remarkably silly imagining of what might happen if American McGee’s Alice had fallen into the hands of Cold War Russians. Sort of. Filled with deliberately awful and hilarious dialogue, it’s all about fighting the good fight against the evils of capitalism.”
-PC Gamer UK

“Fantastic :D This is… I dunno what it is, but I love it!”
-Terry Cavanagh, creator of VVVVVV

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