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“It’s a surprisingly entertaining adventure game with great dialogue and simple gameplay, perfect for casual gamers and adventure fans alike.”
-Jay is Games


Spooks is as close to the Land of the Dead that you can get with a pulse. In this immersive Sierra-style adventure, you play as Mortia, an adorably cynical ghoul girl. The game starts with your average visit to the Carnage-Val, a theme park where the only thing more dysfunctional than the rides is the staff.

When a smooth-talking carnie convinces Mortia to play a game of darts, the last thing she expects to win is a live goldfish. After all, there hasn’t been a living thing in the Land of the Dead for a very, very, very long time. Suddenly Mortia has to figure out how to save her little fish, who she calls “Spooks” from a decidedly deadly end.

“The dialogs, handled with a typical multiple-choice interface, are very well written, the finale is unexpectedly unexpected, the Sierra styled interface works in an okay way, and as I’’ve already said everything is fine and dandy. Even the lead character is like Diamanda Galas in joke-mode.”
-Gnome’s Lair

“You’ll be hooked all the way into helping Mortia find out what being alive is all about.”
-Adventure Gamers

“In many ways, this game reminds us of some of the famous old classic games from Lucas Arts and Sierra, as it contains many of the same elements that made them so memorable. The story, the setting, the lovable characters, and, most of all, the humor, are all unique and unforgettable.”

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