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Beep Boop

“Unlike a lot of point-and-click games where the rooms are just painted backdrops, the objects in the environment are surprisingly interactive. The inherent fascination with very big and very small draws you in, and the dialogue, illustration and sounds of the individual nanobots keeps you playing.”
-Artsy Games Incubator


Groovy Greg set out to build robots that could love. Instead, he got the nanobots.

Nearly useless by themselves, the bots were designed to solve problems as a team. However, not even the “daily fun hour” is enough to keep them from exchanging blows. It’s enough to make even the most laid-back hippie want to tear out his dreadlocks.

Now, with a failing grade looming, Groovy Greg has almost given up on his experiment. Little does he know that his beloved bots are about to meet a challenge bigger than what they’d been programmed for…

Nanobots is a classic-style point and click adventure game that lets you take control of Hotbot, Brainbot, Tallbot, Audbot, Strongbot, and Chembot as they race to save themselves from an untimely and crushing end. Can they make use of their surroundings, fashion an escape plan, and avoid coming face-to-fist with the evil Professor Killfun? Only if they give peace a chance.

“When a game wins three Adventure Game Studio (AGS) awards, chances are good that a fulfilling experience awaits, and that promise is exactly what drew my wife and I to playing Nanobots recently. And we’re both glad we did, as the freeware adventure from Erin “The Ivy” Robinson proved a pleasure to play. Created in 2008, Nanobots won the “Best Gameplay,” “Best Puzzles,” and “Best Programming” awards, and it doesn’t take long to see why.”
-Adventure Gamers

“…it seems there are always independent developers who are willing to take nostalgic desire all the way to revive lost art forms [...] Nanobots is by far one of the most enjoyable independent games I’ve played in ages.”
-Without an Apostrophe

“Without giving away too much of the plot, which is cute beyond measure, the ‘bots must learn to overcome their differences and penchant for sarcasm… or else. [...] Beneath the game’s bright, chipper aesthetic, there is solid and innovative gameplay.”
-Yesterday’s Salad

Save the Nanobots now!

If you get stuck, Audbot is pretty good at giving hints.