Gravity Ghost

Gravity Ghost voice cast announced!

There's a wonderful thing about working in games: you get to work with so many talented people. It is my genuine pleasure to announce the voice cast of Gravity Ghost. :)

Ashly Burch is a multitalented actress with a real gift for comedy. She first appeared as the co-star of "Hey Ash Whatcha Playin," an original web show she developed with her brother Anthony. She's also well-known for acting in Borderlands 2 as both Tiny Tina and The Bane (which is a talking gun, by the way).

Some things you might not know: she voices Sasha Braus ("Potato Girl") in the English dub of Attack on Titan. She's got an upcoming role in the Bee and Puppycat web series. She also played herself in a very special Saints Row 4 DLC pack. But did you know she was also a contracted writer on Team Fortress 2? Like I said, mad comedy chops.

I considered her the perfect fit for Gravity Ghost's 12-year-old protagonist, Iona. It's a difficult role - Iona is a kid with a lot of pressures in her life, but not necessarily the tools to communicate. I think Ash is perfect as this angsty but compassionate youngster. You can listen for yourselves here:

Iona angry
Iona angsty
Iona goofy

Logan Cunningham is no stranger to indie games. He's perhaps best known as the voice of Rucks, the narrator from indie smash-hit Bastion. The lone actor in the game, he singlehandedly told the story of "The Kid" and the land of Caelondia, as well as the finer points of inventory management and weapon upgrades.

All told, the developers estimate that he recorded more than 3000 lines, and none of them repeat. The result was so popular that the "Narrator from Bastion" is invading other games, appearing as an Announcer Pack DLC for DotA 2. He even narrated a wedding. Logan is reprising his role as the narrator in Transistor, the new game from Bastion developer Supergiant Games.

I approached Logan about playing Arthur, a reclusive fisherman who hopes to win the affection of Iona's older sister, Hickory. Unfortunately for Arthur, he's at the scene of a terrible disaster, upsetting the lives of everyone in the story. I thought Logan would be perfect as this character who is tormented, but who harbors a soft side as well. Here's a sneak peek:

Arthur alarmed
Arthur charming
Arthur sarcastic

Actress Sarah Elmaleh has lent her voice to a number of indie touchstones. She played the protagonist, Katie Greenbriar, in Gone Home. She played Dr. Anna Castellanos in indie adventure game Resonance. She's acted in Johann Sebastian Joust, Galax-Z: The Dimensional, Redshirt, and Skulls of the Shogun. She's also lending her voice to the Silurian Brain parasite in upcoming indie brain-puzzler Scale (full disclosure: the Scale developer and I are getting married :). It's a real gift to the indies that Sarah is willing to work with small studios with shoestring budgets and big dreams.

For Gravity Ghost, she even rented out her home recording studio so that Logan and Vince could record while I coached them. Thanks Sarah!

Her role in Gravity Ghost is a key one: I needed a supporting actress who could play a stern and motherly foil to Iona's teenage rebellion. Her character, Hickory, has almost as much of a story arc as Iona herself. It's difficult to capture that tone of "you're in trouble but I still love you", but I think Sarah nails it. :)

Hickory furious
Hickory sad
Hickory bemused

Below, we have two very talented actors who are making their debut in video games:

Vince Trani has been acting on stage and in radio plays for decades. He played Doc in Disney's "Snow White: An Enchanting Musical" (that's him on the far right). He currently performs for the Project Rushmore Theatre Company. In addition, he works as a composer, musical director, and actor for Gotham Radio Theatre.

Vince was a highly-recommended colleague of Sarah Elmaleh. He voices Sal, a lovable poacher who sets up shop near Iona's home. I just love his take on the character, take a listen:

Sal happy
Sal distracted
Sal dodgy

Karin Liungman is a singer and actress with a recording career that spans back more than 40 years. She's released folk albums both in Swedish and English, for children and adults. She's also a composer and an avid guitar player, performing with her blues combo to this day.

Karin plays Eddy, a grandmotherly character who is quite superstitious. I very much wanted to find an actress who sounded like a grandmother. I lucked out, because Karin is a great-grandmother! (It works both as a pun and a statement of fact).

I didn't learn about Karin's history as a singer until the very end of our recording session. She had done excellent takes of all of Eddy's lines, and on a whim, I asked if she wouldn't mind singing a Swedish song. I told her my preference was a song that had a melody that English speakers wouldn't recognize, but would still sound like a folk song. Pressed for time, I hadn't told her anything about the larger Gravity Ghost plot. But the song she chose was "Vem kan segla förutan vind?" which translates to "Who can sail without wind?" When you play the game, you'll realize how uncanny this choice of song was. Here's Karin voicing a few of Eddy's lines:

Eddy grandmotherly
Eddy excited
Eddy comforting

By the way, acting in Gravity Ghost came with a built-in challenge mode: Every actor also voices at least one other character in the game, some of whom are more...magical. See if you can figure out who's who:

Mystery 1
Mystery 2
Mystery 3
Mystery 4
Mystery 5
Mystery 6

I guess you can say this game has a lot of...
*puts on sunglasses*
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