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More Animal Animations

This week I finished up a few more animal animations, mostly using the method I described in the previous post (I also touched up the mouse a bit, as promised). Some of the animals were rotoscoped directly from video, but sometimes there wasn't a video of the pose/movement I wanted. My solution: a serious abuse of Google image search.

I wanted an 8-frame animation of a reindeer looking around. So I looked up images of 'reindeer' and grabbed individual frames that looked like they could make up one movement. I didn't even try to put them in order until I had a few of them in Photoshop. And you'll notice a couple of them get repeated.

Not to put a damper on things, but at least one of these is from a recipe website.

I traced frame 1, and used that lineart to align the rest of the photo references. That cut down on the jitteriness. Then, keeping the legs roughly the same, I traced the basic body shape in the rest of the images.

Did you know reindeer and caribou are the same thing? How magical.

I then decided which pair of antlers were the best. Fortunately I had two views of the same animal, one from a side view and one from a slightly turned view. I traced the antlers in both views and used those for the rest of the frames.


Then I colored that sucker in to see if anything needed changing. I adjusted some of the tail, head, and snout sizes - being from different animals, they didn't all match up. I also shaded the background to make sure I colored inside the lines and didn't leave any random marks in the background. Otherwise things looked pretty good.

Reindeer are unique in that the females have antlers too. Thanks for signing up for reindeer facts.

One last polish pass and...

Somebody's ready to eat some lichen!

And here are the rest:

What is this game about, again?

That's it for this week, Happy Tuesday all. : )

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  1. These animations are really cool. The shading kinda gives me a Spirited Away vibe for some reason.

    This rotoscoping method is a great idea as well. Thanks for sharing these posts!

  2. Those are some cute animals ;D

  3. Wow, looks very nice! =)

  4. Hi, saw this on twitter. I’m curious where did you look for video? There a couple of really good sites for this kinda stuff:,f4

    (you have to make an account to download the videos)


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