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New Toys!

I really ought to write a post introducing our team. That way when I say things like "Mike built this totally sweet plant editor" you'll know who I'm talking about.

Anyway this new plant editor is totally sweet. Check out what I made today:

Welcome to my space garden.

Somewhat interesting backstory about the color palette:

The art store right next to my favorite café was going out of business. They were out of almost everything, including pencil sharpeners, erasers, and colored pencils in colors you'd actually want.

The result was me buying a bunch of weird colors and sharpening them in the café with a razor blade (they weren't out of razor blades). You'd be amazed what you can get away with when everyone is on a laptop.

Anyway, this page of my notebook was a product of the 'weird colors.' I liked the way that tree looked and tried to reproduce it in the game.

What space trees look like, probably.

Tl;dr: Constraints are good, they force your creative side to do things you find uncomfortable. With razors.

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  1. Yes! At least on the outset, boundaries improve execution.

    Might seem counter-intuitive, putting creative people in boxes to improve iteration and refinement… but it works. Think of the creative process as less… forming clouds and more… growing crystals. It helps to have a medium to hang onto and build from. Abstraction and imposed limitations act that way. Those boundaries act as a scaffold to get some initial concept out in SOME form or another; while also warding off the “creative’s block” that comes from having a vast limitless field of possibility.

    Hey, there’s a reason why, while I’ve got a bunch of amazing 3D apps available, I still keep a box of Lego around. =P

  2. Trees made out of cut newspaper… at least that’s my impression.

  3. Reminds me of Eufloria, in a good way. Nice colors.

  4. I can’t wait to see what these end up working in your final game! Looks sort of procedurally generated, which I am also experimenting with with regards to trees; though yours look much better. Mine are just lines at the moment.

    As I posted once earlier, I was also working on a game prototype based around navigating 2D planets (though the trees are for another project). Perhaps we think alike! :P

  5. Very nice images! I like the approach of using predetermined assets and arrange them algorithmically. Much better feel than a totally procedural method…

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