Ivy Games
Based in Phoenix, Arizona

Release date:
January 26, 2015

PC / Mac / Linux


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USDPreorder @$9.99


Gravity Ghost is a physics game with a twist. Run, jump, and soar around planets, using gravity to glide through the air. Explore a shattered galaxy and rescue its survivors, armed with powerups and mysterious terraforming powers. Meet the 7 magical guardians and best their challenges. There's no killing, no dying, and no way to fail. Just hours of blissing out to buttery-smooth gravity goodness. Featuring a dynamic new soundtrack by the composer of FTL: Faster than Light, Gravity Ghost is a headfirst dive into another world.


Gravity Ghost is available for preorder on PC, Mac, and Linux via the Humble Store at gravityghost.com. The game will be $14.99 at launch, but for a limited time you can preorder it for $9.99. You can also preorder the soundtrack for 40% off.


  • Unique gravity mechanic: think "The Little Prince" meets "Mario Galaxy"
  • Dynamic new soundtrack from the composer of FTL: Faster than Light
  • No killing, no dying, no way to fail
  • Beautiful handpainted graphics and wildly original creatures
  • Feelings


Gravity Ghost Trailer YouTube

Gravity Ghost story teaser: "Treasures" YouTube



Awards & Recognition

    • "IndieCade Finalist" 2013
    • "PAX Prime Indie Megabooth Selection" 2013
    • "Destructoid staff pick for favorite games at E3" 2013

    Selected Articles

      • "This is incredible."
        - Jon Carnage, Twitch.tv
      • "Quirky characters and papercraft aesthetics aside, Gravity Ghost offers a beguilingly pure gaming experience."
        - Daniel Nye Griffiths, Forbes
      • "[Gravity Ghost] brings an almost unbridled sense of joy to the gameplay — the stakes aren’t high so you actually get to enjoy the game mechanics. [...] And the gravity physics are really like nothing I’ve experienced before."
        - Megan Patterson, Paper Droids
      • "9/10 [...] Gravity Ghost has the potential to be this year’s independent sensation"
        - Emmeline P, GameSkinny
      • "Gravity Ghost is being the pristine ballerina that holds her awkward pose inside a musical jewellery box, but when the lid is closed and herself out of sight, she is able to perform her dance in a private universe, stretching each limb and aching muscle. [Its] barebones narrative seems so tragic and human and real."
        - Chris Priestmas, IndieStatik
      • "Gravity Ghost is heavy on fun"
        - Jonathan Holmes, Destructoid
      • "The little Indie Mario Galaxy that could"
        - Kirk Hamilton, Kotaku
      • "Another great E3 memory: watching the expression of pure joy on @aedavis's face while she played @Livelyivy's Gravity Ghost."
        - Anthony Burch, Hey Ash Whatcha Playin
      • "Movement is just incredibly enjoyable [...] It’s just really really satisfying and kind of downright relaxing. Additionally, soundtrack is A) Bumpin. Totally excellent, and B) Not surprising that it is because it’s done by Ben Prunty."
        - Ryan “Northern Lion” Letourneau, YouTube
      • "The sounds and music in Gravity Ghost fill you with a sense of letting go of real life."
        - Sam Hughes, The Sound Architect
      • "The music is perfect for the game, engaging but slightly depressing as it beautifully sets the atmosphere and is all around odd and otherworldly."
        - Stephen Wilds, CultureMass

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      About Ivy Games

      Ivy Games is an indie game studio dedicated to bringing lively and original games to life (or, in the case of Gravity Ghost, the afterlife).

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      Gravity Ghost Credits

      Erin Robinson
      Game Design, Art, Writing

      Michael Stevenson

      Ben Prunty
      Music, Sound

      Courtney Stanton
      Project Management

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