Gravity Ghost

The Making of Tiny Swag

First off, exciting reminder:

Gravity Ghost will be available for preorder next Monday, August 26!
You can purchase it via the Humble Store on this very website. :) Please help us spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, or however you fancy. Our small indie team thanks you 100%.

Second order of business: swag. And not the kind that teenagers advertise on their t-shirts. The good kind.

Earlier this week I made dozens of little bottles with ghost foxes to sell at our Gravity Ghost booth at PAX. When I was a kid I would make my own toys out of polymer clay. Seen through that lens, my career choice is...unsurprising. :)

Pictured: Awww

Here's what the process looked like:

This tiny fox in a jar shall be my muse!

Stab. In the background are some planet-like treasures to put in the bottles.

Keeping the foxes a constant size. Hey, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, that's a good show!

With the prototype finished, I'm ready to begin mass production

This little guy sits comfortably on a penny

Just 64 more to go!

Craft station alpha. Nerdy poster art sold separately.

One of the bottles contains a girl instead of a fox.

Ready for baking!

Meanwhile, my good friend Renee fills the bottles with colorful sand, glitter, beads, bells, feathers, seashells, and tiny stars.

Great job, Renee!

Putting foxes in the bottles. They all fit because I am a wizard.

Always good to have on hand. ...Eh? Eh????

The universe gets revenge for my puns by having me cut dozens of tiny tags.

Ready for stopperin'! Time to get the hot glue gun and the plastic gems.

All done! That's a giant spoon on a regular-sized table, if that helps.

Teal or no teal?

Blue ocean of stars.

Pinkie Pie?

All that's missing is a new home. If you're coming to PAX, stop on by the Gravity Ghost zone at the Indie Megabooth, and one of these can be yours :).

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  1. Those are wonderful. Great stuff. When my wife was well she made miniatures like that all the time. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Awww would LOVE to get one of those =/

    Very neat looking game! Haven’t played anything in over a decade but am looking forward to get this one for both me and my young niece =)

    Cheers! L

  3. Love this post about the process! I saw you guys at PAX on Monday and picked up one of these little guys. Mine (one of the teal sands) is sitting on my desk right now. :)

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